Sunday, June 19, 2011

A mi querido padre, Ramon Vicente...

Soy la hija mayor y para colmo, hembra. Se pueden imaginar el dolor de cabeza que le he dado al pobre de mi papa, pues como hija mayor, soy la “rompe hielo”. Las nenas somos de “Papi”. Mi primer regalo al llegar a este mundo me lo dio mi papá. Un peluche de un gatito color blanco con un lazo rosado abrazando su cuello. Es el mismo que todavía conservo en el armario de mi casa junto a fotografías, cartas y memorias. Recuerdo como esperaba con ansias que mi papa llegara del trabajo para invitarlo a jugar a las muñecas. Recuerdo las tardes calurosas del verano, cuando nos sentábamos en el patio a excavar lombrices para utilizarlos de carnada e irnos a pescar. El atrapaba peces y yo “peces bebes” con mi red (así les llamaba pero en realidad eran gusarapos, fo.) Recuerdo desayunar juntos todas las mañanas en la cafetería de mi escuela, nuestro propio ritual.  Recuerdo como todas las noches me daba la bendición antes de acostarme a dormir. Son estos los detalles que se quedan contigo para siempre. Gracias Papi, porque mi niñez fue perfecta. Porque siempre me sentí segura en tus brazos. Porque hoy soy adulta y me encuentro lejos, pero cada día veo un poco mas de ti, en mi. Porque eres mi protector, maestro y amigo. ¡Te amo mucho! ¡Que disfrutes de tu día!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Must Hav's and Must Do's by Miriam Josi

Miriam Josi (Mimi) is a self taught designer. She was born in Berne,
the capital of Switzerland. As a child, she already revealed her
creativity in different artistic expressions like painting, sculpture,
and photography.
Following a family tradition she studied education, then worked at an
orphanage home in India and at a school in Switzerland before she
decided to go abroad for further education in art.
In order to support her studies she worked as a model until this
became another career for her. At that time she liked to wear jewelry
pieces that she had created herself. Her designs soon attracted
friends and other people from the fashion industry. This motivated her
to produce more jewelry, start her own line and dedicate herself to
her true passion: Design!
Miriam’s designs have been published in magazines such as Annabelle,
Bolero, Caras, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Ocean Drive, Tiempo de
Relojes and Vanidades, where she was recently featured on the Cover.
As an avid traveler Mimi knows no boundaries and introduces ideas that
break the limits of conventional jewelry. In her work elements of art
and fashion complement each other, reflecting her influence by both
For more on MIMI VERT visit:

1. Drink a lot! I suggest – besides water – fresh mint tea or iced coffee with amaretto.
2. Protect yourself! Neutrogena Body Mist Sunblock: Protect yourself from the sun with sunblock and stay in the shadow when the sun gets the strongest.
3.  Be prepared: Eres Suimsuit: Always carry your bathing suit and if possible stay close to the water. No matter if it’s the sea, a lake or a river, there is nothing more beautiful to cool down than a swim.
4. An evening stroll: Bike-ride: Buy a used bike and ride it instead of taking the car or subway.
5. Fresh Beginnings: Renovate your Closet: Clean out your closets and sell what you don’t wear at a local flea market. It’s a great chance to rediscover forgotten favorites and to make space for light summer clothes.
6. Simplistic and Pleasant: Flats: Be comfortable with flat sandals, like K Jaques, they are beautifully simple for light summer clothes.
7. Shades of Summer: Thierry Lasry Sunglasses: Buy a great pair of sunglasses that compliment your style.
8. Bold and Bright: Chanel Mimosa Yellow Nailpolish: Don’t be afraid of wearing colorful nail polish!
9. Eat up! Plant fresh herbs, stick to seasonal food and take your time to enjoy cooking and eating.
10. Out-of-doors: Make use of your gardens, balconies and roof terraces: Have fun organizing an outdoor party, BBQ or get-together!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Your Weekly Fashion Paparazzi: Best Dressed: 2011 MTV Movie Awards

 These are my top 3 dressed in tonight's 2011 MTV Movie Awards. Three very different styles; which one is YOUR favorite?:

Emma Watson: Classy is always a good look.
 Elle Fanning: Little House on the Prairie.
Rosie Huntington: Sex Kitten.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Must Hav's and Must Do's by Alejandra Ramos

Alejandra was selected as the winner “Face of Rimmel London and Imagen Magazine 2009”. Shortly after, Alejandra was chosen to represent the cosmetic brand (Rimmel London) internationally.
Check out Alejandra's latest video for WWAM MAG by photographer Manuel Velez:
1. Get a “Victoria’s Secret” model body: 3 day-a-week workout: 10 minute cardio warm-up, followed by weight training. Legs: Mondays and Wednesdays. Upper body: Tuesdays.
2. Eat healthy, feel better: 3 fundamental meals + 2 healthy snacks: speeds up metabolism and helps you burn excess body fat.
3. Sleeping Beauty: 8-hour minimum: When you get your beauty rest you avoid swelling of the eyes. Your skin looks radiant and energized!
4. Tan Responsibly: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock: Apply on face and avoid harmful sunburns.
5. Two Faced: Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara: With two caps for lash customization, the formula is buildable so users can create the look they want for day or nigh.
6. Save a trip to the hair salon!: Redken Color Extend Sun: Protects highlights, safeguards color and replenishes sun-stressed strands.
7. Show-off those legs: Short-shorts: Perfect for warm weather and comfort!
8. Gotta have my basics: Havannas Flip Flops: Essential!
9. Boho-Chic: Summer dresses: You can wear them to the beach with a bikini and flip flops, or dress them up with cute wedges and accessorize with your favorite jewelry.
10. Golden Girl: Rimmel Sun Shimmer: For a subtle golden glow!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Must Hav's & Must Do's by Mariana Vicente

Summer’s here and have I prepared a treat for YOU! I thought it would be a good idea to ask some of my most beautiful friends their 10 top secrets for getting summer ready! Here are MY “Summer Must Hav’s and Must Do’s” so that YOU too can enjoy your summer to the fullest by feeling and looking great.

(Coming Soon! Alejandra Ramos: International Fashion Model for Rimmel London; Miriam Josi: International Jewlery designer MIMI VERT and Fashion Model; Mariselle Morales: Miss America PR and Singer. All their secrets will be revealed!)

1. I call it “The Bustelo Scrub”: Coffee grounds + Vitamin E Oil: Caffeine improves circulation, which helps reduce cellulite and fat deposits. Vitamin E improves elasticity.

2. Bye, bye flab! Hello abs!: L’bel Performance Abdo Contractesse: Intensive lipo reducing cream for abdomen and waist.

3. Hide those dimples: Nivea Good-Bye Cellulite Smoothing Cellulite Gel-Cream: Visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite.

4. Fake-me-toned: Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer: Gradually infuses your skin with natural-looking color. Sunless tanners are an old trick used by models and celebs to make you look “slimmer”.

5. Beachy Waves: Philip B. Maui Wowie Beach Mist: Instant fullness and an alluringly tousled beach texture so that your hair looks beach ready.

6. Exercise Freak: Insanity DVD Workout: 60 day body transformation: packed with plyometric drills on top of nonstop intervals of strength, power, resistance, and ab and core training moves. No equipment or weights needed.

7. Lazy Cat: Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer DVD: fat-burning cardio, total-body toning and sculpting, and abs workouts all at the same time, in just 10 minutes.

8. Orange me Beautiful: Snacking on carrots before going to the beach: Carrots help increase melanin production which elevates the skin’s tanning plateau.

9. You make me blush!: Nars Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo: Subtle peachy-pink shimmer and sheer light brown shimmer give you the perfect “summer kissed” look.

10. Make a Statement: No more boring, solid colored bikinis! This summer is all about bold colors and patterns. Style it up with chunky jewelry and sheer, flowy cover-ups. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

IN-THING by Anna Margherita


Now that we are at the beginnings of summer, people are ready to go spend their vacations near the beach. Here is how to pack for a fabulous getaway.  What you pack, of course, depends on where you’re going, for how long, and, most important, the weather report. Who you’re traveling with too can determine what’s inside a suitcase.
Single girlfriends:
                  Sexy dresses, High heels, LOTS of jewelry for a riot of time.
                  More comfortable outfits.  You can repeat looks with your family.
Significant others:
                  Their fave thing and yours, including those little nothings that could really make your trip a lot sexier.
Business associates:
                  Business attire that doesn’t easily wrinkle, including a dressy option in case dinner follows the big meetings.
Life as style is all about diversity.  So when you decide what destination you’re going to, like a good fashionista, is good to catch up with the fashion of the destination of the trip. If you’re going a different way in a different environment, go with it.

Purpose: Holiday
Weather: Hot
In the bag:
Obviously Bikinis to mix and match for some bikini fun, cute bras, and boy shorts to wear under sheer dresses, tunics, caftans, and sundresses that can serve as dresses or tops. A good printed maxi is always a stylish way to go. A fabulous belt can turn a sarong into a dress, so pack one that sits on the waist, in leather or raffia. You can also use a thin rope around your waist as a belt for a more nautical look. Anything lighter, bighter colors, and definitely white, is appropriate. Really bold colors were the trends for this summer in the runways in High Fashion Week. Leave most of the black and any items that require dry cleaning at home. Leave the pumps behind, too ladies! I absolutely love pumps but these is one of the few times ill pack flip-flops, and a sandal of any kind is a requisite. Also great are espadrilles and open-tow wedges.  You can make an exception in clothes being minimal but with this accessories have to be the main target to pack. Bangles, anything ethnic, and stockpile hoops are some very good options.  SUNNIES, DARK AND BIG, ALWAYS LOOK GLAMOROUS.

Start with shoes on the bottom. A good advice is to put them in sacks so they don’t get scratched. Protect their shape by stuffing them with socks, tank tops, or something else you are taking with you.
Next layer is jeans, if any. Folded in half.
Then layer everything  else, flat with as few folds as possible. On top, place the more fragile items, like silk, chiffon, beaded, sequined, and so on. TURN THEM INSIDE OUT to prevent them to catch.
Lastly, no matter how tempting, DON’T OVERSTUFF YOUR BAGS. The extra weight can cost extra at an airport, plus we all know that brutal treatment may occur by baggage handlers. We don’t want our luggage to explode. It’s just looks bad.
·       “Traveling stylishly is the height of glamour”- Rachael Zoe
·       “You might never end up on a tabloid cover, but a little bit of luxury can look good and make your travels more comfortable. And that’s very modern”- Michael Kors.
·       “There is glamour even in comfort. Going on holiday doesn’t mean taking vacation from stylishly living it up. You never know who you might run into at the airport or on a plane. It could be someone you’re dying to work with. Or it could be The One and you could fall madly in love. My sister met her love on a plane from Miami to Los Angeles. It can happen!”- Rachael Zoe

Coachella duo Andrea Florescu and Kelly Thiebaud stop to pose on their way to see The Kills.
Louise Bancroft, 27, in an ASOS top and hat and bag, and Topshop shorts.

Yvonne Seiler, 23 from Rio de Janeiro, in a Free People top and skirt.

Whitney Brown, 25, wears a vintage skirt.

Ramona Mark, 23 from New York, in a Current/Elliott shirt, American Apparel shorts and Madewell bag.
 Vintage Dior Sunnies.
Vintage Dior Sunnies.
Loewe’s SS11 edition: gorgeous camel-colored traveling cases offset with eye-catching leather piping (pink in the case of one particularly covetable bag).

 Anna Margherita
Fashion Consultant, Personal Stylist
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