Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Must Hav's and Must Do's by Miriam Josi

Miriam Josi (Mimi) is a self taught designer. She was born in Berne,
the capital of Switzerland. As a child, she already revealed her
creativity in different artistic expressions like painting, sculpture,
and photography.
Following a family tradition she studied education, then worked at an
orphanage home in India and at a school in Switzerland before she
decided to go abroad for further education in art.
In order to support her studies she worked as a model until this
became another career for her. At that time she liked to wear jewelry
pieces that she had created herself. Her designs soon attracted
friends and other people from the fashion industry. This motivated her
to produce more jewelry, start her own line and dedicate herself to
her true passion: Design!
Miriam’s designs have been published in magazines such as Annabelle,
Bolero, Caras, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Ocean Drive, Tiempo de
Relojes and Vanidades, where she was recently featured on the Cover.
As an avid traveler Mimi knows no boundaries and introduces ideas that
break the limits of conventional jewelry. In her work elements of art
and fashion complement each other, reflecting her influence by both
For more on MIMI VERT visit: www.mimivert.com

1. Drink a lot! I suggest – besides water – fresh mint tea or iced coffee with amaretto.
2. Protect yourself! Neutrogena Body Mist Sunblock: Protect yourself from the sun with sunblock and stay in the shadow when the sun gets the strongest.
3.  Be prepared: Eres Suimsuit: Always carry your bathing suit and if possible stay close to the water. No matter if it’s the sea, a lake or a river, there is nothing more beautiful to cool down than a swim.
4. An evening stroll: Bike-ride: Buy a used bike and ride it instead of taking the car or subway.
5. Fresh Beginnings: Renovate your Closet: Clean out your closets and sell what you don’t wear at a local flea market. It’s a great chance to rediscover forgotten favorites and to make space for light summer clothes.
6. Simplistic and Pleasant: Flats: Be comfortable with flat sandals, like K Jaques, they are beautifully simple for light summer clothes.
7. Shades of Summer: Thierry Lasry Sunglasses: Buy a great pair of sunglasses that compliment your style.
8. Bold and Bright: Chanel Mimosa Yellow Nailpolish: Don’t be afraid of wearing colorful nail polish!
9. Eat up! Plant fresh herbs, stick to seasonal food and take your time to enjoy cooking and eating.
10. Out-of-doors: Make use of your gardens, balconies and roof terraces: Have fun organizing an outdoor party, BBQ or get-together!

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