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IN-THING by Anna Margherita


Now that we are at the beginnings of summer, people are ready to go spend their vacations near the beach. Here is how to pack for a fabulous getaway.  What you pack, of course, depends on where you’re going, for how long, and, most important, the weather report. Who you’re traveling with too can determine what’s inside a suitcase.
Single girlfriends:
                  Sexy dresses, High heels, LOTS of jewelry for a riot of time.
                  More comfortable outfits.  You can repeat looks with your family.
Significant others:
                  Their fave thing and yours, including those little nothings that could really make your trip a lot sexier.
Business associates:
                  Business attire that doesn’t easily wrinkle, including a dressy option in case dinner follows the big meetings.
Life as style is all about diversity.  So when you decide what destination you’re going to, like a good fashionista, is good to catch up with the fashion of the destination of the trip. If you’re going a different way in a different environment, go with it.

Purpose: Holiday
Weather: Hot
In the bag:
Obviously Bikinis to mix and match for some bikini fun, cute bras, and boy shorts to wear under sheer dresses, tunics, caftans, and sundresses that can serve as dresses or tops. A good printed maxi is always a stylish way to go. A fabulous belt can turn a sarong into a dress, so pack one that sits on the waist, in leather or raffia. You can also use a thin rope around your waist as a belt for a more nautical look. Anything lighter, bighter colors, and definitely white, is appropriate. Really bold colors were the trends for this summer in the runways in High Fashion Week. Leave most of the black and any items that require dry cleaning at home. Leave the pumps behind, too ladies! I absolutely love pumps but these is one of the few times ill pack flip-flops, and a sandal of any kind is a requisite. Also great are espadrilles and open-tow wedges.  You can make an exception in clothes being minimal but with this accessories have to be the main target to pack. Bangles, anything ethnic, and stockpile hoops are some very good options.  SUNNIES, DARK AND BIG, ALWAYS LOOK GLAMOROUS.

Start with shoes on the bottom. A good advice is to put them in sacks so they don’t get scratched. Protect their shape by stuffing them with socks, tank tops, or something else you are taking with you.
Next layer is jeans, if any. Folded in half.
Then layer everything  else, flat with as few folds as possible. On top, place the more fragile items, like silk, chiffon, beaded, sequined, and so on. TURN THEM INSIDE OUT to prevent them to catch.
Lastly, no matter how tempting, DON’T OVERSTUFF YOUR BAGS. The extra weight can cost extra at an airport, plus we all know that brutal treatment may occur by baggage handlers. We don’t want our luggage to explode. It’s just looks bad.
·       “Traveling stylishly is the height of glamour”- Rachael Zoe
·       “You might never end up on a tabloid cover, but a little bit of luxury can look good and make your travels more comfortable. And that’s very modern”- Michael Kors.
·       “There is glamour even in comfort. Going on holiday doesn’t mean taking vacation from stylishly living it up. You never know who you might run into at the airport or on a plane. It could be someone you’re dying to work with. Or it could be The One and you could fall madly in love. My sister met her love on a plane from Miami to Los Angeles. It can happen!”- Rachael Zoe

Coachella duo Andrea Florescu and Kelly Thiebaud stop to pose on their way to see The Kills.
Louise Bancroft, 27, in an ASOS top and hat and bag, and Topshop shorts.

Yvonne Seiler, 23 from Rio de Janeiro, in a Free People top and skirt.

Whitney Brown, 25, wears a vintage skirt.

Ramona Mark, 23 from New York, in a Current/Elliott shirt, American Apparel shorts and Madewell bag.
 Vintage Dior Sunnies.
Vintage Dior Sunnies.
Loewe’s SS11 edition: gorgeous camel-colored traveling cases offset with eye-catching leather piping (pink in the case of one particularly covetable bag).

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  1. Very good article!!! As a frequent traveler, I agree with almost everything you say, except one point: I prefer to leave the bottom of my suitcase flat, pack the shoes at the end and put them on the sides of the suitcase. With love, Titi Rose