Thursday, September 29, 2011

Winter Must Hav's & Must Do's (by Mariana Vicente)

Winter is approaching and we must be ready before it attacks! Here are my winter MUST HAV'S and MUST DO'S: 

1. Beat the cold: Neutrogena Intensive Moisture Wrap Body Treatment: Delivers clinical strength to relieve extremely dry skin, especially during the wintertime.
2. Don’t be afraid of heights: Thigh-high boots: It’s all about the “thigh-high” boots this winter. This sexy trend is both fashionable and convenient for the cold weather.
3. Color me-purple: Plum lips: I love how in winter you can get away with wearing bold colored lipsticks. Last winter I wore red lipstick almost every day. This winter plum colored lipsticks are trending. Try it!
4. Beach in a bottle: L’oreal Sublime Bronze Tinted Gel: Since going to the beach isn’t an option, this tinted gel will make your skin look naturally bronzed for any special occasion.
5. Plan a party!: Holidays are for celebrating!: Every year I get together with a group of friends and celebrate. Make it a tradition!
6. Chocolate makes everyone smile: Godiva Hot Cocoa: Nothing says “holiday” like a cup of hot cocoa.
7. Heaven on Earth: Anna’s Ginger Thins: What is better than a hot cup of cocoa? A hot cup of cocoa with a side of ginger thin cookies!
8. It’s about that time of year: Call your hairstylist and make an appointment: Winter is the best time to change up your hairstyle. Be radical! It’s the fun-nest time of the year!
9. Daredevil: Colorful Coats: Good-bye classic neutral, boring coats. Hello bright, eye-catching colors!
10. A little crazy is healthy: Insanity The Asylum: Let’s face it. We can’t eat healthy on a holiday. Too much sweets and traditional family recipes are inevitable. This is why Insanity The Asylum works amazingly! This challenging athlete training program is so intense you will be able to eat whatever you want, free of guilt!

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